Sharing account access

Learn how to set up view-only access to transactions in another user’s account.

Account sharing allows you view-only access to the transaction in another user’s account. You can also share view-only access to your own account. To do this select the account tab under personal preferences. Here you’ll find view other accounts or share my account.
If you don’t have the account tab just hover over your name and select my profile and then access it from personal preferences. I’ll start by requesting to view another user’s account. I begin by selecting the plus sign and then type the email address of the user and then select save. This sends an email to this email address and you can see that the status is indicated as pending. If the user doesn’t respond promptly, you can resend the email by selecting this link or I can cancel their request to share at any time by selecting this link.
The other user receives an email like this and they have to select the link in the email to accept the invitation.
Once they’ve done this, back in my account the share is activated.
Now, when I go to the manage tab under your agreements and select this user’s name I have read-only access to view all of their transactions.
Now I’m going to go back and share my account with another user. I select share my account, select the plus sign and type the email address for the user that I want to share my account with. And then select save. This again sends an email request to the user. The status will be pending until they’ve opened the email and selected on the link to accept the invitation.
Now, once they’ve accepted the invitation the other user can log into their account and view my transactions. So this time we’ll log in as the other user select the manage tab and under your agreements the other user has a read-only view into your agreements. -
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