Advanced account sharing

Learn how to set up advanced account sharing–allowing admins and users to delegate their send, modify, and view permissions. Account sharing is perfect for situations when a user is going on vacation or leave of absence. Or, you can create a virtual user account, like an HR management user account, and then give permission to multiple users within the HR group who can all act on behalf of the virtual user.

Advanced Account Sharing is only available for Enterprise-level plans. Technical Support can enable Advanced Sharing but once it is enabled, it changes the relationships of the shared objects in a way that cannot be reversed. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact your Adobe Account Team and have a trial account set up for you to test the functionality and verify it permits everything that you want to accomplish.
In this administrator tutorial, we’re going to learn about advanced sharing and user permissions. This feature allows admins and users to delegate their send, modify and view permissions, and it’s perfect for situations, such as when a user is going on vacation or other kind of leave. Another great way to use this feature is to create a virtual user account, for example, an HR management user account and then give permissions to multiple users within the HR group who can then all act on behalf of the virtual user. So let’s take a look at how it works. First of all, account admins need to define account sharing settings by clicking on Account Settings, then Security Settings, and then scrolling down to Account Sharing.
So here you can turn off sharing completely. You can just allow users to request sharing from another user. You can allow users to only share their own accounts or you can turn on both.
Under Permissions, you can allow sharing with external accounts. That is e-sign accounts outside of the organization and this is always limited to view-only permission, and you can also enable sharing with internal accounts, and this has the additional permissions to send and modify. You can choose to enable both send and modify or just modify.
So I’m going to leave all these permissions turned on and click Save. And now let’s take a look at how you use these with user accounts. Let’s click on Users.
And here are three users and I’m going to select one which happens to be the user for the current account. And I’m going to change their sharing settings by clicking on User Settings and then click on Sharing Status. So this user is not currently shared with any other user. To add a share, I click on the plus icon or the Share This User’s Account icon. I can enter in an email address here or click on the down arrow and add a group or a user by clicking on the plus icon. And I’m going to turn on send and modify permissions, and then click Save. So now this account, account A, is shared with account B. Account B can now view account A’s agreements, as well as send and modify on his or her behalf. So before we move on, I just want to mention the virtual user use case that was talked about at the beginning of the video. If we were setting this up, and account A was the virtual account, then I would go ahead and share this account with all the other users that should have permission to act on behalf of account A. So let’s move on to requesting sharing access. If I want account A to have full view, send and modify permission to account B, I go through the Shared With User page. I click on the Request To View Accounts icon and again, either directly enter an email here or click on the down arrow and choose a group or individual.
Choose the permissions. And then click Save. Because I’m an administrator, the share is immediately active and so now account B has full view, send and modify permissions for account A. Now, you can cancel a share at any time by selecting the user and clicking Cancel Share, and to modify sharing permissions, click on the user and select Modify Permissions to make any changes. -
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