Sending to multiple recipients

Do you have more than one person that must interact with your document? Learn how to send a document for e-signature to more than one person in exactly the order you want.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Adobe Sign to send a single document to two different people for eSignature. Start on your dashboard and click Request Signatures to begin a new transaction. Then add the email addresses for each of the signers. The document will be signed in the order that I add these signers, so if Evan needs to sign before Thurmond, I can simply drag his name up to the top of the list. Alternatively, I can toggle this option here so that they can sign in any order. I add the document that I want both of them to sign. I’m going to upload it directly from my computer in this case. Then I click Preview and Add Signature Fields and then click Next. Now I’m taken to the drag and drop authoring environment and this is where I add the fields to the document that need to be completed. So let’s move down here in the signatory area. I have spaces for both of the signers. To add fields for my supplier, who is Thurmond, I click the Recipients dropdown, make sure Thurmond is selected, and then drag on the fields for him to sign and complete. Next, I click here again on the Recipient dropdown, select Evan, and then drag on the fields for her to complete. With all of the fields added, I click on Send. So this is sent to the first signer and when he’s finished signing, it’ll be sent automatically over to the second signer. Once she completes signing, I’ll receive a notification in my Adobe Sign account that the document is complete and I can view a copy of it here.
This video is part of the course Getting Started with Acrobat Sign that is available for free on Experience League!