Tracking in SharePoint Online

Learn how to track the progress of an agreement directly within Microsoft SharePoint. After sending out a document for signature, you can track its status without ever leaving SharePoint.

When you’ve sent a document for signature and want to track its status, you can check on that document from right within SharePoint. Here’s a document I sent out for signature earlier, and I want to know where it is in the process. I can use the document’s action menu, and choose Agreement Status.
The Adobe Sign add-in will show me all agreements I sent using this document, in this case, it’s only one. And I can see who was meant to sign, when the file was sent, and what its current signature status is.
From this window, I can refresh the record or delete it.
I can also click the document title to view the file.
Since Heather has already completed the form, I can preview her responses here and see that she applied her signature to the bottom.
If I want more information about an agreement, I can come back to SharePoint and use the Adobe Sign menu in the top toolbar to manage agreements.
This will open the manage experience from Adobe Sign couched within SharePoint. So I can use all the Adobe Sign tools I’m familiar with, but I’m never more than one click away from my SharePoint online documents and apps.
From here, I can share the agreement with others, view the security options, remind the signer to sign if she hasn’t already, and view the complete audit trail for this document. -
This video is part of the course Using Acrobat Sign Inside Microsoft Apps that is available for free on Experience League!