Add offers as personalization to a message

Learn how to add an decision management component to messages in Journey Optimizer.

In this video, we’ll learn how to add offer decisioning components to messages in Journey Optimizer. Let’s take a look.
Before we can add an offer to a message, let’s quickly revisit some prerequisites. When I go to select an offer for a message, I’m actually going to be pulling a list of published decisions or activities. The decision is going to bring in a collection containing one or more personalized offers along with the fallback offer. Finally, when I want to insert the offer into my message, I will only see published decisions based on applicable placements.
In a Journey Optimizer message, I have multiple ways to bring in an offer decision.
I can drag in the offer decision component and click the select offer decision button.
This brings up the placement selection menu.
I would choose the appropriate placement and then select the published activity. In this case, I want to use the Luma Loyalty Tile.
Clicking add, adds the offer to my message. I can see a preview of the offer along with all the other personalized offers within this decision, as well as the fallback offer.
Another way I can add an offer decision is by clicking the edit personalization button. Bringing up the edit personalization window, I can select the offer decision option from the drop-down menu. This will give me another placement selection window where I can select the appropriate placement.
And then the published activity here.
I’ll click save, and then I’m going to save the message overall. When I’m ready, I can preview what these offers look like for a particular user.
I can see that all the personalization I added as part of my last step is there. I can see that my text-based offer is appearing and I can see the image-based offer that I added below.
Everything looks good.
You should now be able to add an offer decisioning component to your messages. -