Introduction to Adobe Journey Optimizer

Understand what Adobe Journey Optimizer is, which business challenges this application solves, and what the key use cases are.

In this video, we’ll describe what Adobe Journey Optimizer is, some of the business challenges that Adobe Journey Optimizer is built to solve, and highlight some of the key use cases.
Adobe Journey Optimizer is a new application from Adobe built natively on the Adobe Experience Platform. It empowers customer-focused brands to orchestrate and deliver personalized connected customer journeys across any app, device, screen, or channel. With Journey Optimizer, brands can create, orchestrate, and deliver both scheduled marketing programs and outreach such as weekly promotions for a retail store, and tailored individual communications like a push notification for an item that a loyalty customer had shopped for that was previously out of stock all from within the same application. This gives brands the flexibility and power to engage with customers across a broad range of use cases.
Journey Optimizer is built for today’s business environment where consumer expectations for brand interactions are higher than ever before. And ultimately, the customer is in control of their journey. Brands must be prepared to meet customers where they are and provide the next best offer and next best action to provide a consistent and contextual journey that is personalized and unique to that individual. Consumers expect the companies they interact with to know them and anticipate their needs, but meeting these expectations can be challenging because it requires combining data from multiple solutions within their tech stacks to get a clear picture of each individual customer and act on those real-time insights to deliver a truly connected experience.
Some of the common challenges that prevent brands from orchestrating and delivering a truly seamless and personal customer journey include that they lack a single organizational truth on the customer experience for managing marketing programs and customer service engagement.
They likely did not have a way of integrating all data sources across the customer experience to create the single source of truth.
With disconnected MarTech applications, they often also have disparate teams and processes that make it difficult to manage the customer journey holistically.
They’re unable to react to behavioral data like a customer service inquiry in real time to then pause marketing programs.
And finally, they likely lack centralized decisioning, insights, or prediction to drive processes and personalization in a consistent way across customer touchpoints.
Journey Optimizer addresses these challenges with some key capabilities that fall into three main value drivers. Real-time customer insights and engagement powered by Adobe’s real-time customer profile. You can integrate all your customer and business data, whether it’s from the web, CRM database, or other offline data, into a unified 360 degree view of the customer.
Journey Optimizer offers a modern omni-channel orchestration through a unified journey orchestration canvas and a modern message designer, as well as intelligent decisioning and personalization through offer decisioning and machine learning-based send time optimization and engagement scoring to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. And we’ve built Journey Optimizer with an emphasis on end-to-end scale, speed, and flexibility to meet the needs of your enterprise, as well as ease of use to allow brands to work efficiently with quick time to value. Journey Optimizer provides brands the flexibility to engage customers across a broad range of use cases.
Journey Optimizer can listen in real-time for actions, event signals, or segment qualification that impacts an individual, triggering an interaction or real-time update to a journey. For example, sending mobile push message when a customer enters the geolocation fence or a customer completes a flight and their frequent flyer loyalty status improves, triggering a new welcome journey.
With Journey Optimizer, you can also listen for events that pertain to a segment of profiles and require real-time notification to that relevant audience. For example, an inventory update could trigger a message to customers who had a previously out of stock product on their wishlist, or a weather event causing a delayed flight, triggering a message to passengers on that flight.
Journey Optimizer also supports scheduled or on-demand audience-based campaigns that are initiated by the marketer, such as daily promotional messages, loyalty newsletters, or flash sale announcements. And finally, Journey Optimizer provides the scale and speed needed for immediate broad-based burst messaging of time-sensitive information, such as real-time sports scores or other breaking news.
So, in summary, Adobe Journey Optimizer is an application built on the Adobe Experience Platform for orchestrating and delivering personalized, connected, omni-channel customer journeys. It solves the challenges brands face in today’s business environment by providing a unified journey canvas to design one-to-one and audience-based customer interactions powered by a real-time customer profile that provides a comprehensive view of the customer and is optimized by intelligent offer decisioning.
Journey Optimizer empowers a broad range of use cases, including real-time one-to-one interactions and response to individual events, both event-triggered or marketer-initiated engagement with audience, and high-speed burst messaging use cases for time-sensitive breaking news. - -