Create a test profile

Learn how to create a test profile.

Hello, this is Russ. And in this video, I’m excited to show you how you can create a test profile very quickly to use in test mode.
Here, I’m logged into Journey Optimizer, and you’ll see this gallery of use cases. These are meant to be accelerators to help you get your job done faster in Journey Optimizer. Here, the first use case that we’re releasing is called Create test profiles. When I click on view details, you’ll see a screen that outlines exactly what this use case is meant to do. It’s supposed to allow you to upload a CSV, using our template, and create a very simple, pre-configured test profile that you can use to send yourself emails; let’s begin. The first step here is to select the Identity namespace you’d like to use for the test profile. I’ll go ahead and click. This will pull up all of the different namespaces in my instance, and for this example, I’ll select email.
Now, you can download the CSV template and this will have these instructions on how to fill out the spreadsheet. There are very specific columns that you are not meant to delete or change. Here, I have the template and I filled it out with my information. You’ll see that my Person ID is equal to what my Email ID is.
And my First Name, Last Name, and other information that I’m passing in. I’ll go ahead and save it.
I’ll go ahead and drag and drop this CSV, and let’s go ahead and run this.
Now you’ll see all these different tasks are completed and we’re running and creating this test profile. Once complete, you’ll see this update and we’ll have a profile created and ready to use. There we go. All done. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at our profile. I’ll click on profiles in the menu.
Go to browse.
Type in that namespace I had used of Email, and type in my email identity.
And there I am. I can go ahead and view my profile and use it in later testing; enjoy. - -