Journey Optimizer challenges - Introduction and prerequisites

Challenges provide a scenario and the requirements needed to practice what you learned. Challenges help you evaluate your skill level and identify knowledge gaps.

Each challenge in this section addresses a unique use case that you implement. The target audience (persona), and the required skills are listed at the beginning of each challenge.


Verify that the following prerequisites are met.

System requirements

  • Access to a Journey Optimizer sandbox - it is recommended completing the challenge in a dedicated training sandbox.
  • AEM Assets Essentials must be provisioned for your instance.
  • The email channels must be configured for transactional and marketing messages.

Access rights

You need the following access rights:

  • Journey Manager or Journey Administrator
  • View test profiles and their attributes
The exercises were developed based on the Luma sample data. It is recommended to set up a training sandbox configured with the sample data. Please visit the tutorial Configure a training sandbox for instructions for detailed instructions.

Required actions

The story

Luma is a fictional athletic apparel company, with stores in multiple countries, an online presence with a website, and mobile apps. Luma uses Adobe Journey Optimizer to deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to their customers.

Luma is looking to promote its latest apparel and gear collection and to drive sales for existing customers. You have been hired to implement the Luma marketing and retention campaigns in Journey Optimizer.

Your challenges

Image for Summer Collection Announcement

Create a summer collection announcement

Create a journey that sends a summer collection announcement email to an audience of existing customers.

Required skills:


Create a loyalty status welcome email

Send an email when a loyalty customer moves to a new tier to congratulate and inform them of their new benefits.

Required skills:

Luma Email

Create an order confirmation

Test your knowledge on how to create and personalize transactional messages

Required skills: