Configure a training sandbox - Introduction and prerequisites

Banner Tutorial- Configure a training sandbox

This tutorial is designed for administrators and data engineers who are tasked with providing an Adobe Journey Optimizer training environment. Learn the steps required to configure the schemas, ingest sample data, and create events. You also create three test profiles that allow the learners to check their work.

The provided sample data is based on a fictional athletic apparel company called Luma. Luma has stores in multiple countries, an online presence with a website, and mobile apps. Luma uses Adobe Journey Optimizer to deliver connected, contextual, and personalized experiences to their customers.

At the end of this tutorial, you have a sandbox that supports the Luma use cases covered in the hands-on exercises in the Journey Optimizer Challenges section.


Before you can begin to set up your training sandbox, ensure that you have:

  1. A dedicated development sandbox.

  2. Email Message presets configured for marketing and transactional messaging.

  3. Journey Administrator and Data Manager rights for the training sandbox.

  4. Your organization ID.

  5. The JSON files with the sample data, configured to your Journey Optimizer instance:

    1. Download the file here, which contains all JSON files required for this tutorial.

    2. From your downloads folder, move the file to the desired location on your computer, and unzip it.

      These files hold the sample data for your training sandbox.

    3. Open each file and find yourOrganizationID and replace it with your organization ID.

    4. Save the files.

Let’s get started

Start with the Manual data set up.

In this step, you define the require data structure. After you complete the data set up, you can ingest data into your sandbox, then set up events.