Use Case - Transactional Journey

Understand the applicable use cases for transactional journeys and learn how to build transactional journeys.

Hello, this is Russ, and I’m here to show you in this video how to build a transactional journey and use it in Adobe Journey Optimizer. The learning objectives for this course discuss the applicable use cases for a transactional journey, build a transactional journey, and discuss the best practices for transactional journeys. A transactional use case is a journey that a brand builds to send a message in direct response to an event. Examples can include an order confirmation, a password reset, or email confirmation. Let me show you an example here in Journey Optimizer. You can see one of the recent journeys that I had built is called this Luma website purchase confirmation. So for our brand Luma, we have a website and people can purchase yoga apparel there, athletic apparel, and here we’ve set up a very simple journey that upon purchase this event, we send a message, an order confirmation. And so a transactional journey is one that has one event and one action. Action can be performed in the message. And if we’d like to add here, we can put in a timeout or error path by selecting this checkbox. That will show us how many people go down that timeout path. But those are the basics of a transactional journey that a customer would set up in Adobe Journey Optimizer.