Create a campaign

This feature is only available to users with access to a Campaign related Product Profile such as Campaign administrator, Campaign approver, Campaign manager and/or Campaign viewer. For more information on how to assign product profiles, refer to this video.

Learn how to deliver one-time content to a specific audience by executing actions immediately, or on a specified schedule.

Journey Optimizer campaigns. It’s built for practitioners who want to deploy a channel based experience in a matter of clicks, to a given audience and a specific schedule.
Let’s create a campaign. First, let’s select a channel and it’s corresponding surface. Here we are doing an email, but same will be applicable to push an SMS, and any upcoming channels.
The creation UI for the campaign is based on a form based experience where you can set the campaign properties, you can set the content for your action, you can set an audience, and you can set a given schedule.
So first let’s edit the content. Here we are going to quickly edit the content through the usual tools. So we can, for example, select an email template, we can save it here quickly, we can go back to the content, here we can find all the testing tools, so for example, if I want to do a personalized preview of my email, this will be accessible from here. I will have the email rendering tools and the ability also to test my campaign by sending proofs. And once I’m done with that, I can go back to the form of my campaign and do the further steps like selecting an audience.
I can set up a specific identity name space I want to use to target my audience. And then finally, I will set the schedule. It can be scheduled on a specific date time, it can be done with the frequency, also, but in this case, I will activate it manually, and only once. Let’s review our campaign.
Here we can see a summary of all its properties, we also see some alerting that allows us to make sure everything’s right before we activate and deliver this campaign.
Once the campaign is activated, we can quickly access the reporting on it by clicking on new report, we will have a summary with the detailed channel’s performance. -

Please refer to the product documentation for more information about this feature.