Copy a journey to another sandbox

Learn how to copy a journey and its dependent objects from one sandbox to another.

Welcome. In this video, we will explore the Copy to Sandbox feature. You will learn which objects are copied when copying a journey from one Sandbox to another, and how to copy the journey.
The copy to Sandbox feature allows you to create a journey in one Sandbox, for example, a development environment, where you test the journey, and then when it is ready, you can copy it to another Sandbox. For example, the Production Sandbox.
The journey itself will be copied, which means the representation of the journey on the canvas, including the objects in the journey and all the dependent objects. So segments will be copied. A segment can only be copied once from one Sandbox to another, and once a segment is copied, it is not editable on the Destination Sandbox. Schemas are copied as well as the messages, but be aware, the fields used for personalization in the message are not checked for completeness, and content blocks are not copied either. Events and actions are copied. The jump activity, however, will not be copied. Now let me show you how this works.
We’re now in the Journey Optimizer in the Sandbox AJO tutorials. We will copy the Journey Prescription Renewal to another Sandbox. It’s a very simple journey.
To copy the journey, click on the More Action column and choose the Copy to Sandbox option. The Copy to Sandbox dialogue box shows you the details of the journey that you have selected to copy, and the dependent objects that will be copied over as part of the journey copy process. At this point, you must choose the target Sandbox that you want to copy the object to.
After you’ve done that, you’re ready to go. So let me click on the Copy button to begin the journey copy process. Once the process is done, the status is shown for each object that is copied over. So we can see the journey was copied successfully. The segment that we used in the journey already exists, so it wasn’t copied again. The presets and two messages were created, and the reaction event with a timeout is a standard event, so it was simply reused, as it already exists in the target Sandbox.
Now let’s review the copy journey in the target Sandbox. So we are in the Sandbox where we copied the journey to, and the journey was copied over. You can see it here, and you will see that the journey was copied successfully with all the objects laid correctly on the canvas. The journey is brought over in Draft mode, and since not necessarily all linked elements will have been copied to the Destination Sandbox, for example, if we used content blocks in our emails, those wouldn’t have been copied, or if you have a jump activity in your journey. So we strongly recommend testing the journey in the target Sandbox and doing one last final quality check before publishing it. Thank you for watching. -