Mobile Capabilities for Developers

Understand which mobile capabilities Adobe Journey Optimizer offers developers.

Developers and product managers need a seamless way to build core mobile experiences and partner with marketers to create engaging customer journeys. Adobe Journey Optimizer brings developer and marketer tools together in a single application. As a foundation, Adobe Journey Optimizer supports developers by providing modern, streamlined integrations across mobile channels, such as push messaging, in-app messaging, and content personalization. Not only are technical integrations made easier but Adobe Journey Optimizer provides for increased programmatic control to customize experiences and make sure that they conform to your pixel-perfect expectations. Rest APIs supporting concurrent connections on batch operations are a standard. Headless email and push delivery APIs support industry-leading throughput volumes. These features, along with concise documentation, help you scale as you leverage Adobe Journey Optimizer within the enterprise. Mobile client-side SDKs are provided for all industry-standard platforms including Google Android, Apple iOS, React Native, Flutter and more, as well as common smart TV appliance platforms. These SDKs are compliant with the latest OS developer standards, relied upon by the biggest global brands, and are open sourced for maximum credibility and trust. Integrating SDKs and mobile channels in apps is made easier with powerful debugging and observability capabilities. Adobe Journey Optimizer provides integration event inspection in real time to ensure a quality, reliable implementation every time. Finally, validating experiences before they are shipped is a breeze. With tools such as preview, proofing, and simulation, Adobe Journey Optimizer makes it easy to validate experiences. Even geolocation-based experiences that are hard to test can be easily simulated. -