Journey IQ

Journey IQ is a set of features that provide easy to use, fully customizable visualizations and settings to better understand the customer’s experience. It enables you to measure each touch point in a customer’s journey, even across channels. Use these features to better understand where to re-engage customers, keep them loyal, and personalize their experiences along the way.


Journey IQ comprises the following features:

  • Cohort Analysis: Visualize retention and engagement of customers to understand where churn happens.
  • Context-aware sessions: Change the definition of a visit, including when a visit times out and preventing background hits from starting a new visit. Uses a feature called report time processing, part of virtual report suites.
  • Flow Analysis: Understand where users navigate next and where they came from.
  • Fallout Analysis: Capture when a customer disengages, and understand where they go.
  • Cross-Device Analytics: Seamlessly merge behavior from multiple devices to better understand what touch points each device gets.