Analytics use cases

Following are some of the key ways that Adobe Analytics helps organizations gain critical insights in order to better serve their customers.

For additional details about the benefits that Adobe Analytics provides, see the Adobe Analytics product page.

Web analytics

Adobe Analytics provides the following complex segmentation and predictive tools for analyzing website traffic:

Marketing analytics

Adobe Analytics helps organizations understand where customers interact with their brands, which channels customers prefer, and which experiences resonate with them.

The following key features in Adobe Analytics provide these marketing capabilities:


Attribution lets organizations see how different interactions throughout the customer journey affect conversion. In addition to providing more traditional attribution options, such as Linear or First Touch models, Attribution in Adobe Analytics also uses machine learning and advanced statistical models to understand the precise impact of every touch.

For more information, see Attribution models and lookback windows.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics uses machine learning and advanced statistical modeling to analyze customer data, find patterns, and predict future behavior such as churn or a likelihood to convert. It allows data analysts to take advantage of huge data sets that might otherwise be wasted.

The following key features in Adobe Analytics provide these predictive capabilities: