Analytics Tools Guide


The Analytics Tools Guide includes information about product features, use cases, task instructions, and best practices for the following Analytics tools:

Analysis Workspace
Analysis Workspace is a flexible browser tool that allows you to quickly build analyses and share insights. Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can craft your analysis, add visualizations to bring data to life, curate a dataset, share and schedule projects with anyone in your organization.
Analytics dashboards
Analytics dashboards and their mobile scorecards allow executive users to view a broad rendering of important summary data quickly and easily on their own mobile devices. Curators add visualizations to mobile scorecard projects and share them with executives.
Scorecards provide a way to target and measure KPIs and provide a clear indication of how well organizations are working to achieve their targets.
Activity Map
Activity Map is an Adobe Analytics application that is designed to rank link activity using visual overlays and provide a dashboard of real-time analytics to monitor audience engagement of your web pages.
Activity Map lets you set up different views to visually identify the acceleration of customer activity, quantify marketing initiatives, and act on audience needs and behaviors."
Report Builder
Report Builder is an add-in for Microsoft Excel. Report Builder lets you build customized requests from Adobe Analytics data that are inserted into your Excel worksheets. Requests can dynamically reference cells within your worksheet, and you can update and customize how Report Builder presents the data.
Analytics APIs
Analytics APIs allow you to directly call Adobe’s servers to perform almost any action that you can perform in the user interface. You can create reports to explore, get insights, or answer important questions about your data. You can also manage components of Adobe Analytics, such as the creation of segments or calculated metrics.

To learn about Adobe Analytics basics, check out the Intro to Adobe Analytics - Skill Builder Webinar video below. The video walks you through the basics of how data is captured, how data is sent to Adobe Analytics, and what visualization capabilities you can use within Adobe Analytics. The video provides a foundation for you to build, deploy, collect, and interpret data…allowing you to provide actionable insights and recommendations based on the collected data.

For questions about which tool to use, see Which Adobe Analytics tool should I use?.

Analytics user guides

For detailed information about Adobe Analytics features and how to use them, see Analytics User Guides

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