Troubleshoot Activity Map data collection

If you don’t see data for Activity Map dimensions, use this page to help determine why.

Confirm data collection using the debugger

First, make sure that AppMeasurement correctly collects Activity Map data.

  1. Download and install the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger Chrome Extension.
  2. Navigate to your web page, then click on a link.
  3. When the subsequent page loads, open the debugger. Validate that you see Activity Map context data variables sandwiched between activitymap. and .activitymap:

Possible reasons why Activity Map data is not present

Check each of the following to make sure Activity Map components are present:

  • AppMeasurement version: Activity Map is supported on v1.6 and above. Many edge case issues are resolved when you upgrade to the latest stable version of AppMeasurement.

  • Activity Map module: Check if the AppMeasurement_Module_Activity_Map module is present in your AppMeasurement.js file. If your implementation uses Adobe Experience Platform to collect data, make sure that Enable ClickMap is checked when configuring the Analytics extension under Link tracking.

  • The s_sq cookie: Activity Map depends on the s_sq cookie for data collection.

    • Make sure that the cookieDomainPeriods variable is correctly set, especially for regional domains such as * or *
    • Make sure that the linkInternalFilters variable is set to desired values. If a clicked link does not match internal filters, Activity Map considers it an exit link and does not collect data.
  • Activity Map overlay running: AppMeasurement does not track click data for your web page when the Activity Map overlay is enabled.

Shows the browser parameters that are not compatible with the use of Activity Map. Adobe recommends disabling these settings.




Internet Explorer


Interact calls using Developer Console Network Tab:

  1. Load the Development Launch script on the site.
  2. On Click of Elements, search for ‘/ee’ in the Network Tab

Adobe Experience Platform Debugger:

  1. Download and install the Adobe Experience Platform debugger.
  2. Go to Logs > Edge > Connect to Edge.
  • The interact call is not firing in the Network tab: The click data collection in a collect call, filter with either "/ee" or "collect?".
  • There is no Payload Display for the collect call: The collect call is designed in such a way that the tracking does not affect navigation to other sites, so the document unload feature is applicable for the collect calls. This feature won’t impact your data collection but if you need to validate on page, add target="_blank" to the respective element. The link opens in a new tab.