Next or previous item panel

This panel contains a number of tables and visualizations to easily identify the next or previous dimension item for a specific dimension. For example, you might want to explore which pages customers went to most often after they visited the Home page.

Access the panel

You can access the panel from within Reports or within Workspace.

Access point
  • The panel is already dropped into a project.
  • The left rail is collapsed.
  • If you selected Next page, default settings have already been applied, such as Page for Dimension, and the top page as the Dimension Item, Next for Direction and Visit for Container. You can modify all these settings.

Next/Previous panel


Create a new project and select the Panel icon in the left rail. Then drag the Next or previous item panel above the Freeform table. Notice that the Dimension and Dimension Item fields are left blank. Select a dimension from the drop-down list. Dimension items are populated based on the dimension you chose. The top dimension item gets added, but you can select a different item. The defaults are Next and Visitor. Again, you can modify these as well.

Next/Previous panel

Panel Inputs Input

You can configure the Next or previous item panel panel using these input settings:

Segment (or other component) drop zone
You can drag and drop segments or other components to further filter your panel results.
The dimension for which you want to explore next or previous items.
Dimension Item
The specific item at the center of your next/previous inquiry.
Specify whether you are looking for the Next or the Previous dimension item.
Visit or Visitor (default) determine the scope of your inquiry.

Click Build to build the panel.

Panel output output

The Next or previous item panel returns a rich set of data and visualizations to help you better understand what occurrences follow or precede specific dimension items.

Next/Previous panel output

Next/Previous panel output

Horizontal bar
Lists the next (or previous) items based on the dimension item you chose. Hovering over an individual bar highlights the corresponding item in the Freeform table.
Summary number
High-level summary number of all next or previous dimension item occurrences for the current month (so far.)
Freeform table
Lists the next (or previous) items based on the dimension item you chose, in a table format. For example, which were the most popular pages (by occurrences) that people went to after (or before) the home page or the workspace page.