Activity Map user interface

The Activity Map UI is comprised of two parts:

  • The top window with the web page, and the injected overlays and toolbar.
  • A bottom panel for reports.

Top panel section_2DA8ACD35D4C4ACBA32C13EFB5317E7C

At the top, you can see your web page with the injected tool bar and link overlays. Bubble rankings display over links to let you identify the total number of clicks.

Additional link details can be accessed by hovering over each link overlay:

Bottom reports panel section_21B129D69B7A4F918E975E8E66DB02EE

At the bottom of the page, you can see the Links on Page Report and the Page Details Report that let you view a summary of your current web page statistics as well as page flow information.

The Links on Page Report gives you a spreadsheet view of the links in the current page, including additional click information. The Page Details Report presents analytics data related to the pages that were visited before and after navigating to the currently displayed page.