Bounce rate

The ‘Bounce rate’ metric shows the ratio of visits that contained exactly one hit compared to the number of visits entering on that page. You can use this metric to understand which dimension items have the highest bounce rate, or to see an aggregated total bounce rate of your site over time. High bounce rates can shed light on issues with your site or app, such as: poor design, slow loading times, irrelevant content, or a mismatch between visitor intent and page content.

Here is an example: Let’s say the homepage of a website receives 500 visitors in a month. However, 250 of those visitors leave the site after viewing the homepage and do not proceed to any other pages. As a result, the bounce rate of the homepage would be 50%.

Use this metric alongside another metric, such as Entries, to obtain better insights. If you use this metric by itself, you might get dimension items containing anomalous bounce rates.

How this metric is calculated

This metric is calculated using the formula Bounces divided by Entries.