Marketing Channel permissions

To maximize effectiveness of Marketing Channels for Attribution and Customer Journey Analytics, we have published some revised best practices.
Analytics administrators can manage marketing channels for their organizations as described in Manage Marketing Channels.

Here are the Report Suite Tools permissions needed in the Admin Console to be able to work with various aspects of Marketing Channels.

Permission type
Permission name
Report Suite Tools
Grants access to Marketing Channels, including Marketing Channel Manager, Marketing Channel Processing Rules, and Marketing Channel Expiration in the Report Suite Manager.
Report Suite Tools
Grants access to Marketing Channels > Marketing Channel Costs in the Report Suite Manager.
Report Suite Tools
Grants access to all classification settings in the Report Suite Manager, including Marketing Channels > Marketing Channel Classifications.
Analytics Tools
Analysis Workspace Access
Grants access to Analysis Workspace. Users must belong to either this group (preferred) or Reports &and Analytics Access to use the Marketing Channels dimensions in Workspace.
Analytics Tools
Reports and Analytics Access
Grants access to Reports and Analytics. Users must belong to either this group or Analysis Workspace Access (preferred) to use Adobe Analytics.

For more information on product profiles and Adobe Analytics permissions in Admin Console, go here.