Manage virtual report suites

The Virtual report suites manager lets Administrators edit, add, tag, delete, rename, approve, copy, export, and filter virtual report suites. It is not visible to non-Admin users.

Analytics > Components > Virtual report suites

In the Virtual report suite manager, you can see only your own virtual report suites. You have to click Show All to see everyone else’s.
Takes you to the virtual report suite builder where you can create new virtual report suites.

All users can create tags for virtual report suites and apply one or more tags to a virtual report suite. However, you can see tags only for those virtual report suites that you own. What kinds of tags should you create? Here are some suggestions for useful tags:

  • Tags based on team names, such as Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing
  • Project tags (analysis tags), such as Entry-page analysis
  • Category tags: Men’s; geography
  • Workflow tags: Curated for (a specific business unit); Approved
If you delete a virtual report suite, scheduled reports and dashboards that have this virtual report suite applied continue to work normally. The report or dashboard continues to use the deleted virtual report suite until you re-save the scheduled report. Scheduled reports do not update when you edit a virtual report suite with the same name.
For example: Suppose you have two virtual report suites with the same name and different parent report suites:
You have a bookmark that references the virtual report suite for the mainprod report suite. Then you delete that virtual report suite because it’s a duplicate. The bookmark continues to run, referencing the definition of the deleted Virtual report suites. If you change the definition for the remaining Virtual report suites, the Virtual report suite applied to the bookmark does not change. It uses the old definition. To fix this, update the bookmark to reference the new definition. If you are unsure whether a bookmark, dashboard or scheduled report is using a deleted Virtual report suite, you could change the name of the remaining Virtual report suites so it’s more clear whether the bookmark is using the remaining Virtual report suites.
Everywhere the virtual report suite is displayed, like in the report suite selector, it shows the new name.
Approve virtual report suites to make them “official” or “canonical.” You can reverse the process by unapproving.
Creates a distinct copy with its own new report suite ID, but with the same name and definition.
Export to CSV
Export the virtual report suite definition to a .csv file.
Filter by tags, parent report suite, owners, and other filters (Show All, Mine, Favorites, and Approved).