Build a “Page Views per Visits” metric

The following information explains how to create a simple “Page Views per Visits” metric.

To build a simple “Page Views per Visits” metric:

  1. Begin building a metric, as described in Build metrics.

  2. Name the metric "“Page Views per Visits” or something similar.

  3. Give it a user-friendly Description to show what it’s used for.

  4. Select the right Format. For this example, choose Decimal.

  5. Decide how many decimal places you want the report to show.

  6. In the Show updward trend as drop-down menu, select Good (Green).

  7. Add a Tag to organize your metrics.

  8. For this metric, first drag Page Views into the Definition section of the canvas, then drag Visits beneath it (wait until the blue line appears before you drop it).

  9. Select the Divide operator. (Divide is the default operator.)

  10. You can now see a Preview of that metric as you are building it, at the top right.

  11. Product compatibility shows you whether the metric is compatible with Current Data or only with Fully Processed Data.

  12. Select Save.

    Notice that the Summary formula updates anytime you make a change to the metric definition.

  13. (Optional) To share, approve, (re-)tag, rename, or delete a metric, you can go to the Calculated Metrics page.