Segmentation Troubleshooting

Error: “Incompatible elements in this segment” incompatible

This error occurs when you try to save a segment in the Data Warehouse folder where the segment contains elements not compatible with Data Warehouse. To resolve this error, do one of two things:

  • Save the segment in a different folder
  • Remove or change the incompatible portions of the segment.

Why does my segment return no data at all? no-data

Possible reasons:

  • Reverse nesting - for example, nesting a Visitor container under a Visit container.
  • The report does not support segmentation.
  • There is no data matching the segmentation criteria.

Why can’t I see the segment I created in the Segment Manager? invisible

Possible reasons:

  • Some dimensions are available only in Data Warehouse and not in the Segment Manager.
  • Segment is checked only for a specific report suite.
  • A shared segment might have been deleted by another user.
  • Segments could not loaded due to a data center or Browser Cache issue.
  • The segment has not been saved.
  • IP address may be blocked at the user’s end.

Why does the Page Data shown after applying a segment seem incorrect? page-data

Possible reasons:

  • Rules/Operators are incorrect for the required result.
  • Incorrect application of containers to the segment.
  • Traffic variables used to segment are not set properly or are expired.