Cookie Support

The ‘Cookie support’ dimension reports if the browser supports cookies for a given hit. It is useful to determine the ratio of visitors who use browsers that support cookies, and those who intentionally disable them.

Populate this dimension with data

This dimension collects data from the k query string in image requests. AppMeasurement tries to set a cookie named s_cc, then detects if the cookie exists. The result is the query string parameter value Y (if the browser supports and has cookies enabled) or N (if the browser has cookies disabled). If you use AppMeasurement (such as through tags in Adobe Experience Platform), this dimension works out of the box. If you use a data collection method outside of AppMeasurement (such as through the API), make sure that you include the k query string parameter on each hit with the value Y or N.

Dimension items

Dimension items include Enabled, Disabled, and Unknown.

  • Enabled: The browser supports cookies, and has them enabled.
  • Disabled: The browser does not support cookies, or the visitor disabled them.
  • Unknown: AppMeasurement could not determine cookie support. The k query string was not present in the image request.