Classification rule sets

A rule set is a group of classification rules for a specific variable. You apply a variable to the rule set. If you want to create multiple rule sets for one variable, you must apply each rule set to multiple report suites.

Classification Rule Builder Page section_C60B0888C76D49C596EF19F11808B718

Analytics > Admin > Classification Rule Builder

The following fields and options are available on the Classifications Rule Builder.

Add Rule Set
Creates a rule set.
Displays the number of rules contained in the set.
Displays the activity status of the rule set, such as Draft or Active. Active rules process daily, examining classification data going back typically one month. The rules automatically check for new values and upload the classifications.
Last Changed
Indicates when the rule set was edited.
Duplicates (copies) a rule set, so that you can apply the rule set to another variable, or to the same variable in a different report suite.

Create a Classification Rule Set create-classification-rule-set

Name the classification rule set, apply the variable, and specify overwrite settings.

  1. (Prerequisite) Define the classification structure in Admin > Report Suites.

    (See Classifications in Admin Tools help on adding classifications.)

    Variables will display in the New Rule Set panel only after they have at least one classification defined for that variable.

    You can create classifications on a variable in Admin > Report Suites > Traffic > Traffic Classifications (or Conversion > Conversion Classifications). Then select the variable, then click Add Classification.

  2. To create the rule set, click Admin > Classification Rule Builder > Add Rule Set.

  3. Name the rule set, then click Create Rule Set.

  4. Select the rule set for edit.

  5. Click Select Report Suites and Variables.

    The report suite and variable list is populated with all classified variables available in all the report suites in your log-in company. A single variable in a report suite can belong to only one rule set.

    See Variable in the definitions for the Classification Rule Builder page for more information.

  6. Specify the report suites and variables to use, then click Save.

  7. Continue by adding classification rules to the rule set.