Plan segments

Outlines the steps and best practices to follow when planning your segments.

Devoting some time to plan segments improves the chances that they will be useful for your organization and that their numbers will be kept in check.

  1. Consider the audience: Who will consume it? With whom will you share it? Which groups of people will use this segment and how should I tag it accordingly? This also means providing a good segment description. At minimum, the description should answer these questions:

    • What is this segment useful for?
    • When should I use this segment?
  2. Determine the segment scope. Which segment container best represents the scope? Use the smallest container possible.

  3. Decide which elements to include in the segment definition, and which values. Consider variable persistence in this decision.

  4. Consider how you want your approval process to unfold. Will a single person review and approve segments or will it be a committee decision?

  5. Define your segments with view to a segment library that gives business users the ability to stack and reuse segment pieces or components in a modular fashion. What “modules” do you need to define to make this library a reality?