Entry dimensions

This help page describes how entries work as a dimension. For information on how entries work as a metric, see the Entries metric.

Entry dimensions are visit-based. They record the first dimension item, and persist it for the entire duration of that visit. Entry dimensions are available for all variables with pathing enabled under Traffic variables in Report suite settings.

Populate entry dimensions with data

A given entry dimension is based on its associated traffic variable. If the non-entry variable has data, its associated entry dimension also contains data. No implementation changes are required for entry dimensions if your traffic variables contain data.

Dimension items

Since entry variables are typically based on custom strings in your implementation, your organization determines what the dimension items are. Values in a given entry dimension match dimension items in its associated non-entry dimension. For example, dimension items in the ‘Entry page’ dimension contain similar dimension items in the ‘Page’ dimension.

Entry page original

The ‘Entry page original’ dimension operates differently than other entry dimensions. Instead of preserving the entry page for a given visit, it preserves the very first entry page for the entire life of that visitor’s cookie. For example, if you land on https://example.com/page4 for your first visit to the site, then a year later land on https://example.com/store, The ‘Entry page original’ dimension lists https://example.com/page4 as the dimension item.