Build a “Participation” metric

The following information explains how to create a metric that shows which pages contributed to (or participated in) visits that contained an order.

This type of information could be useful for any content owner.

You can enable participation metrics in the Admin Tools, but only for custom events 1 - 100.
  1. Begin creating a calculated metric, as described in Build metrics.

  2. In the Calculated metrics builder, name the metric “Participation”.

  3. Drag the success event “Orders” into the Definition canvas.

  4. Change the attribution model of that event to Participation under the Settings gear. Select Visit lookback. The definition should look similar to this:

  5. Select Save to save the metric.

  6. Use the calculated metric in a Pages report.

  7. (Optional) Share the metric with other users in your organization, as described in Share calculated metrics.