The ‘Occurrences’ metric shows the number of hits where a given dimension was set or persisted. When you drag a dimension in Workspace to a blank canvas, Adobe automatically applies this metric to the project.

How this metric is calculated

Out of all hits in a report suite, include hits where a dimension item is defined or persisted. Some dimensions, such as eVars, persist beyond the hit they are set on. This metric counts both initial and persisted values.

Compare to similar metrics

  • Occurrences vs. Instances: Occurrences count hits where a dimension item was set or persisted. Instances do not include hits where a dimension item persists.
  • Occurrences vs. Page views: Occurrences include all hit types, including page view tracking calls (t()), link tracking calls (tl()), and data from summary Data sources. The page views metric only includes page view tracking calls, excluding link tracking calls and summary data sources.