Metrics overview

Metrics allow you to quantify dimension items, such as to see which pages on your site have the most page views. You can also trend metrics over time, such as to see how many orders visitors make on your site each day. A basic report shows rows of string values (dimension), against a column of numeric values (metric).

For example, if you combined the ‘Page’ dimension with the ‘Visits’ metric, you would get a ranked report showing your top-visited pages:

Home page
Product page
Purchase page

If you cannot find the help page for a given metric, it is likely either a custom event or a calculated metric.

  • If the metric is a custom event, consult an Analytics admin within your organization, or the report suite’s solution design document.
  • If the metric is a calculated metric, click the information icon to determine its formula.

Add metric descriptions

Analytics administrators can add descriptions for metrics and other components either within the Report Suite or directly within Analysis Workspace. For information about how to add descriptions to metrics, see Add component descriptions.

Use metrics in Analysis Workspace

For information about how to use metrics in Analysis Workspace, see Use metrics in Analysis Workspace.