Visit depth

The ‘Visit depth’ dimension reports the number of page views the visitor saw in the entire visit. Visit depth increases only if the hit is a page view, and the Page dimension is not the same as the last page view’s dimension item. It is a visit-based dimension, meaning that it contains the same value for the entire visit. This variable is set for all hits in a visit after that visit concludes.

Populate this dimension with data

This dimension works out of the box for all implementations. If a report suite contains data, this dimension works.

Dimension items

Dimension items include the string "Pages per visit" followed by a number representing the number of pages in the visit. The dimension item of "Pages per visit: 1" represents a single-page visit, while the dimension item "Pages per visit: 8" represents a visit with 8 page views (and any number of link tracking calls).

Comparison to hit depth

See Hit depth for a comparison between dimensions.