Download link

The ‘Download link’ dimension reports the names of download links implemented on your site. This dimension is valuable when you want to learn more about visitor behavior around download links, such as:

  • Determine the files that are downloaded most frequently from your site.
  • Understand if certain files are downloaded more often during specific time periods.
  • Validate that visitors download different filetypes if offered.

Populate this dimension with data

This dimension collects data from the pev2 query string in image requests for hits that also have the pe query string with the value of lnk_d. If the pe query string has a different value in the hit, this dimension does not collect data.

If you want to send data to this dimension using AppMeasurement, send a tl() image request with a link type argument of "d". Populate the link name argument with the desired value:,"d","Example download link");

Dimension items

Since this variable is based on a custom string in your implementation, your organization determines what the dimension items are. Adobe recommends that you group links into meaningful categories based on your reporting needs.