Configure Activity Map settings

The Activity Map Setting Panel lets you modify the settings and properties for all types of overlay visualizations.

Access the Activity Map Settings panel accessed by clicking the gear icon on the Activity Map toolbar.

General settings section_697A12F099494D699A4BF498598178C5

Select the applicable login company.
Report Suite
The list of report suites that are accessible to you is no longer limited to the report suites defined in the web page tag. You can now substitute the selected report suite (corresponding to one of the tags on the page) with another report suite. This new report suite does not need to be linked to a tag on the page. If you change the selected report suite in the Activity Map Settings, the Save process causes all affected Analytics reports to be refreshed.
Important: Virtual report suites are not compatible with Live Mode, only with Standard Mode. If you are in Live Mode for a Standard Report Suite, but select a Virtual report suite in this dialog, once you click OK here, the Standard Mode will be displayed. In addition, the Calendar control is reinitialized to match the report suite’s calendar type (Gregorian, retail, custom…).
Page Name
The page to which these settings apply.
The selection corresponds to the languages offered for Adobe Analytics.
Label Overlays With
  • No Label: only applicable for the Gradient overlay. In this case, the color of the overlay conveys a sense for the ranking of the link
  • Value: the raw metric total for that link
  • Percent: percentage of the metric for this link on the total metric for the page.
  • Rank: rank of this link across all links present in the rendered page
Label Font Size
Lets you increase/decrease the overlay label font size, using a slider, for better readability.
Gradient/Bubble Color
To display overlay link rankings for Gradient or Bubble overlay visualizations, select among a range of colors .
Color Gradient Based On
  • Top 30 Rankings: Color intensity is normalized for the top 30 values.
  • Absolute Metric Value: Color intensity is a function of the absolute metric value.
Gradient Transparency
Select the level of transparency for the Gradient overlays. This setting does not affect the Bubble overlays.

Standard settings section_24DB95376E1A448494ECF3F57743FC19

These settings apply to the standard mode overlay.

Dynamic Data Filtering

This drop-down list lets you show overlays for

  • (default) All the links on the page
  • The top (highest) or bottom (lowest) # of ranked links on the page, where # can be a choice of 1, 10, 50, or 100.
Hide overlays for links that received no hits.

A checkbox that toggles the visibility of overlays for links that have no data.

  • (default) If the checkbox is checked, then no overlay is shown when a link has no ActivityMap link data.
  • If the checkbox is unchecked, then if a link has no ActivityMap link data, an overlay is displayed and it has a label of “-”, which means N/A (not applicable).

Live settings section_D30F6E62FB5D404090B588F396A460AF

These settings apply to the live mode overlay.

Display Top
To display the Gainers or Losers (or both) as overlays, select the number of links.
Exclude bottom (%)
Select to eliminate Gainers-Losers links with sparse data. Filter out the bottom percentage of link changes to view only the links with enough data to show relevant gains or losses. The percentage is computed based on the number of links on that page. For example, filtering out the bottom 10% of a list of 200 links would filter out the bottom 20 links.
Auto Update Data
Lets you decide whether or not the Analytics data shown in the interface automatically updates when a new period is computed.
Auto Update Period
When checked, refreshes the web page with each new data retrieval so the links in the page can be more closely synced with the collected data.