Visualization Color Palettes

You can change the visualization color palette used in Workspace by choosing a different color palette or by specifying your own palette that could match your company’s branding colors. This feature affects most visualizations in Workspace, but it does not affect Summary Change, conditional formatting in Freeform tables, and the Map visualization.

Color palette support is not enabled for Internet Explorer 11.

Keep in mind:

  • There are five pre-set color palettes to choose from. The default palette and the one below have been optimized for optimal contrast and are both more accessible for those who are color blind.
  • The third to the fifth color palettes below the top two have been optimized for color harmony.

Change your color palette:

Here is a video on using custom color palettes:

  1. Navigate to Workspace > Project > Project Info & Settings.

  2. From the Project Color Palette drop-down list, you can pick one of five pre-set color schemes.

  3. To specify your own palette, select Custom Palette below the pre-set options.

  4. Specify up to 16 comma-separated hexadecimal values (for example, #00a4e4) for the colors you intend to use. If, for example, you want to use only four values, these colors will automatically be repeated in visualizations that contain more colors.