View-only projects

You can share projects as “view-only” to recipients through the Project share workflow. Recipients placed in the Can View role will receive a more limited project experience. This may be desired if you are sharing a project to users that are less familiar with your organization’s data structure, Analysis Workspace or Adobe Analytics generally, but you still want them to consume data and insights in a safe environment.

Note that you can edit the panel calendar date range even in view-only projects.

Here is a video overview of view-only projects:

Disabled interactions

Disabled interactions in a view-only project include:

  • Hidden left rail
  • Report suite
  • Freeform filtering
  • Freeform # of visible rows
  • Freeform row, column or visualization settings
  • Panel segments
  • Edit, Insert & Component menus
  • Workspace tips

Enabled interactions

Some of the more notable enabled interactions in a view-only project include:

Enabled interactions
Freeform tables
  • Pagination and sorting
  • Hovering
  • Cell selections that update linked visualizations
  • Right-click > Get Visualization Link
  • Right-click > Copy to Clipboard
  • Clicking to turn on/off legend
  • Hovering
  • Right-click > Get Visualization Link
  • Collapse/expand
  • Flow - expand Flow nodes
  • Map - zoom
  • Interactive drop-down filters
  • Right-click > Get Panel Link
  • Collapse/expand
  • Inspecting all info icons
  • Project menu - New, Open, Set as landing page, Refresh, Download CSV/PDF, limited Project Info & Settings
  • Share menu - Get project link, Send file now
  • Help menu - All actions except Tips & Debugger options