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You can create different types of segments in Workspace, depending on how complex they need to be, whether they should apply to this project only, etc. Here is a summary of segment types:

Segment type
Created where?
Applicable where?
When to use
Component-list segment
Click +, which takes you to the Segment Builder
All your Workspace projects
For more complex segments, sequential segments
Quick segment
Quick segment builder
Project only, but can save and add to your segment list.
Can be used for ad hoc single-rule segments (with drag-and-drop), or to add/edit multiple rules (by clicking the Segment icon)
Calculated metrics-based segment
Calculated metric builder
To individual calculated metric
Apply segment/s within your metric definition
Virtual report suite-based segment
Virtual report suite builder
To individual virtual report suite
Apply segment/s within your virtual report suite definition


Using segments in Analysis Workspace:

Finding and creating segments:

Rolling date ranges in segments:

Create segments section_693CFADA668B4542B982446C2B4CF0F5

You can create different types of segments in Analysis Workspace:

  • Quick segments
  • Regular component-list segments that you create in the Segment Builder and that end up in the segment library (see below)

Create component-list segments section_3B07D458C43E42FDAF242BB3ACAF3E90

The segment rail under the Components menu shows

  • Segments you or your company created
  • Segment templates, as signified by the Adobe icon:

To create a segment of this type, you have 2 options. Both of them take you to the Segment Builder in Adobe Analytics, where you can find further instructions.

  • In the left rail, click the plus sign (+) next to Segments:


  • Go to Components > Segments, then click + Add.

Other methods for applying segments section_10FF2E309BA84618990EA5B473015894

Several other methods exist for applying segments to a freeform project.

Create segment from selection
Create an inline segment. This segment applies only to the open project and is not saved as an Analytics segment. 1. Select rows. 2. Right-click the selection. 3. Click Create segment from selection.
Components > New Segment
Displays the Segment Builder. See Segment Builder for more information about segmentation.
Share > Share Project or Share > Curate Project Data
In Curate and Share, learn how segments that you apply to the project are available in shared analysis for the recipient.
Use Segments as Dimensions
Video: Using Segments as Dimensions in Analysis Workspace

Segment IQ

Segment IQ (also known as Segment Comparison) comprises the following features:

  • Segment comparison panel: The core feature in Segment IQ. Drag two segments into the panel, and view a comprehensive report that shows statistically significant differences and overlap between the two audiences.
  • Comparing segments in fallout: See how different audiences compare to each other in context of a fallout visualization.

More info

For an in-depth discussion of segmentation in Adobe Analytics, go here.