Marketo Measure Integrations with Adobe Launch

The Adobe Launch extension is designed for existing Marketo Measure users that already leverage Adobe Launch on their website. The extension serves as a tag management solution that you can use to configure and dynamically load scripts on your pages based on certain events and conditions.

When installed and configured in Adobe Launch, the Marketo Measure extension will load bizible.js script on the pages where Adobe Launch script is present. This allows marketers to add bizible.js through the Adobe Launch configuration, as opposed to explicitly modifying the web page to add the bizible.js script tag.

Configure the Adobe Launch Extension


Check out the following links to learn more about Adobe Launch and its extensions:

  1. Create a property following the steps in this article.

  2. Click on the property you just created.

  3. Click Extensions.

  4. Click the Catalog tab and search for “Bizible.”

  5. In the Bizible Analytics tile, click Install.

  6. In the Bizible AccountId field, type in the URL of your website.


    This field is not the “Account ID” in the Business_Prod.Business table. All web activities from the given URL will be mapped to the Marketo Measure tenant.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Rules, then select Create New Rule.

  9. Click the Add button under Events.

  10. In the Extension drop-down, select Core. Then in the Event Type drop-down, select Library Loaded (Page Top). If you don’t give your event a name, a default one will be applied. Click Keep Changes when done.

  11. Click the Add button under Actions.

  12. In Extension drop-down, select Bizible Analytics. Then in the Action Type drop-down, select Initialize. If you don’t give your action a name, a default one will be applied. Click Keep Changes when done.

  13. Click Save.

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