Recommended Salesforce Permissions for Marketo Measure Connected User recommended-salesforce-permissions-for-marketo-measure-connected-user

Marketo Measure sends and receives data through a connected Salesforce user within the Marketo Measure app.

To push touchpoint data to your Salesforce instance, the connected user must have access to Marketo Measure custom objects (that is, Buyer Touchpoint and Buyer Attribution Touchpoint) as well as standard Salesforce objects such as Leads and Contacts. See Marketo Measure in Salesforce.

Salesforce Administrator user licenses can serve as the connected user as they often have the necessary data privileges by default. However, your team may prefer to use an integration user or a dedicated Salesforce user license to track the impact of Marketo Measure on your instance.

We recommend the following permissions to ensure that Marketo Measure data is accurately flowing:

  • Marketo Measure Administrator Permission Set For Dedicated User

The managed permission set gives an SFDC admin the ability to create, read, write, delete records from Marketo Measure objects.

  • View and Edit Converted Leads Permission Set

This allows Marketo Measure to decorate leads after they have been converted to contacts. If this permission set is not enabled, there can be significant data tracking gaps. You can find more information in Salesforce Trailblazer community.

  • Salesforce Marketing User Checkbox

The Marketing User checkbox allows the user to create campaigns and use the Campaign Import Wizards. If this option is not selected, the user can only view campaigns and advanced campaign setup, edit the Campaign History for a single lead or contact, and run campaign reports. Marketo Measure must ability to read and write to the campaign object.

Additional Troubleshooting

If Marketo Measure is still experiencing issues reading or writing data it may be helpful to investigate the following:

  • Access to Salesforce Queues

If the dedicated user does not have access to leads in queues, then it is unable to modify the leads with Marketo Measure data. You can accomplish this by having a role in the hierarchy that allows access to queues or individually granting users access.

  • Field Level Security and Accessibility

Field level security and field accessibility are related but have some key differences. Field Level Security defines field visibility for a given profile while Field Accessibility determines whether a field is editable based on the field level security and page layout configuration. Using the Marketo Measure package’s permission sets you receive the necessary field object security settings. Sometimes, to have the correct field accessibility, the connected user needs to have the Marketo Measure fields on the page layouts. Marketo Measure fields on the layout allow for the Marketo Measure data to map into Salesforce. This depends on your particular Salesforce environment.

Every organization’s Salesforce has individual needs but we provide you with our requirements to balance the Marketo Measure access needs with your security protocols. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Marketo Support.