Marketo Engage Programs Integration marketo-engage-programs-integration

Through the Marketo Measure integration with Marketo Engage Programs, our customers can begin to create touchpoints for attribution tracking from the Marketo Program Memberships. This capability allows marketers to start tracking program memberships from email or engagement programs that are otherwise not seen by the Marketo Measure javascript and should be measured within the attribution journey.

Availability availability

All tiers.

Requirements requirements

  • Production Marketo instance
  • Production Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics instance
  • Any paid Marketo Measure subscription
  • Marketo People Sync Enabled (Marketo Measure Settings)
  • Marketo Programs Enabled (Marketo Measure Settings)

Setup setup


  1. To begin setting up rules on Marketo Programs, navigate to My Account > Settings > Programs. Click the + icon to begin creating your first rule.

  2. You may optionally set a name for the rule if it helps to keep track of them. you will first select the field to define your rule from the list of Program and Program Membership fields. Continue building the rule by selecting the operator and expected value to check for.

  3. Add another statement within the same box to set up an “and” criteria in the rule or click the + icon outside the box to set up an “or” statement.

  4. Choose which date or date/time field should be used to map to the Touchpoint Date. To see the list of values available from Marketo, enter a curly bracket { and we’ll display the available fields.

    note note
    If your rule wants to capture the Activity Date, or the date that a Program Member reached a particular status, you will want to utilize the Marketo Engage Activities Integration and set up a rule for the “Change Status in Progression” activity type.

Your completed rule should look something like this:

Test test

After you’ve created some rules, you may want to test it out to verify that your statement matches your Programs.

  1. To run a test, click the TEST button as shown below.

  2. A modal will appear where you can enter in the Program Id from Marketo.

    Once you enter the Id and click the Test button, our rules engine will go through each rule and determine whether or not the Program fits any of the rules. In the example below, you can see that Program 1002, called Marketo Measure Ebook, has 5 Program Members and is eligible because of the rule that’s displayed.

    The rules are run on sample size of 5000 members. If your program contains more than 5000 members, it’s possible that we do not check on the compatibility of all members. This tool simply serves as a way to check of rules are constructed correctly.

    You can click the Member Count to see a list of Marketo People Ids that are eligible within the program.

Channel Mapping channel-mapping

From the list of Marketo Program Channels, you will want to map the values to the Marketo Measure custom marketing channels that you’ve created within Settings. Any touchpoints generated by these Programs will inherit the Channel and Subchannel names that you select here.

  1. Start by navigating to My Account > Settings > Offline Channels.

  2. At the top, you will have the option to map to your CRM Campaign Types, then down below, you will see the options for your Marketo Program Channels.

  3. First select the Channel that should map to the value, then optionally select the Subchannel. When you are done, click Save at the bottom.

Program Costs program-costs

Through the data import of Marketo Programs, costs are automatically downloaded from Period Costs and the reported cost in Marketo is distributed throughout the assigned month. For example, if $1000 is reported for January 2021, the $1000 is split across 31 days. The costs can be found in Marketo Measure Discover.

How It Works how-it-works

Field Mappings

(check if Program still exists via API)
“MarketoProgramMembership”_ProgramId_Lead Id
Id (list membership)
Email (list membership)

As a result of the Marketo Measure integration with Marketo, the Marketo Measure Cookie Id is also now mapped and synced with the Marketo Munchkin Id. This helps close the gap to attribute the anonymous first touch to a web session rather than attributing both the FT and LC touches to a Marketo Activity. Imagine this scenario:

Mark clicks on a Facebook ad and lands on where he gets cookied with Marketo Measure Id 123 and Marketo Munchkin Id 456. No form fill takes place.

The Wayne Enterprises Marketing team sends out an email blast to specific targeted leads, one of them being receives the email and clicks through and lands on This becomes's second visit to with the same cookie Ids, but there was no form fill, so to Marketo Measure, they are still an anonymous visitor.

The Wayne Enterprises Marketing team creates a Marketo Activity rule to generate touchpoints for a “Click Email” activity type.

Today’s implementation would create a single FT and LC touchpoint for from the Marketo Activity from the “Click Email” activity type.

With this cookie mapping enhancement, the FT would go back and get credited to the Facebook ad and the LC would get credited to the Email.

With the cookie mapping behavior, you may find some LC touchpoints that come from a web visit. It’s possible that a lead appeared in Marketo without any associated activity, then Marketo Measure downloaded that lead, matched the associated cookies, then traced it to the most recent web session, even if there was no form activity that created the lead.

FAQ faq

How do I set the Touchpoint Date to be the progression date, or date that the status change happened to my Program Member?

If your rule wants to capture the Activity Date, or the date that a Program Member reached a particular status, you will want to utilize the Marketo Engage Activities Integration and set up a rule for the “Change Status in Progression” activity type. Otherwise, the Marketo Engage Programs Integration only makes the Membership Date available, which is the first date that brought the Marketo Person into the Program, even if there are multiple statuses.

Can I get a picklist of date options for the Touchpoint Date?

To trigger the auto-complete, start by entering a curly bracket { in the text field, then the available fields will appear.

If I create Marketo Program rules and also have CRM Campaign rules, will they count twice?

It depends on your rule definition, but possibly, yes. you will want to evaluate your rule set so that you don’t have rules that cover a Program and a Campaign because we will not de-duplicate or detect for similar memberships. One possible solution is to copy your Campaign rules over to Programs if you wish for Marketo to be your single source of truth, then remove the Campaign rules. Another option is to add a “CreatedOn” or “CreatedDate” criteria in your rules so that rules prior to a certain date will use Campaign rules and rules after a certain date will use Program rules. There are many workarounds out there, but it will take some planning and coordination.

Are Marketo’s Program Membership Custom Fields available to define?

Due to technical limitations, we are unable to support Program Membership Custom Fields for now. Once those fields are available through additional Marketo APIs, they will be exposed to us and visible for you to use.

How do I know whether to use Programs or Activities?

The Marketo Engage Programs Integration is a simple way to generate touchpoints based on whether or not a Person is a program member of a program. If you are interested in defining a rule based on the time a Person changes to a particular Program status, the Marketo Engage Activities Integration will be the setup you will want, specifically the “Change Status in Progression” activity type.