Best Practices for Implementing Marketo Measure JavaScript best-practices-for-implementing-marketo-measure-javascript

Overview overview

The Marketo Measure JavaScript tracks your web visitors digital marketing interactions and is key to the Marketo Measure ability to create online Touchpoint data. Having the Marketo Measure JavaScript deployed correctly and comprehensively across your entire site(s) will ensure that the session data collected produces accurate touchpoint data.

Inconsistencies in the deployment of the Marketo Measure JavaScript will cause breaks in the session data which can result in the following:

  • Incorrect channel/subchannel attribution
  • Loss of source data
  • High levels of erroneous Direct traffic
  • Inconsistent reporting

Marketo Measure JavaScript is a foundational piece of your Marketo Measure account and key to your success!

Best Practice best-practice

When it comes to implementing and managing your Marketo Measure JavaScript, keep the following best practices in mind.

  • Confirm all your domains are listed in your Marketo Measure account

    • If you have concerns regarding your domains contact Support
  • Deploy JavaScript across ALL pages.

    • Placing JavaScript on only certain pages will cause breaks in your session data which will cause incorrect Marketo Measure data
  • For a form on your site that you do not want to create touchpoints from, make sure to add the Marketo Measure Exclude Script

    • This exclusions script will ensure that the Marketo Measure session data will not be disrupted and that the source data remains in place

      • Examples of common forms to suppress are:

        • Customer Logins
        • Forgot Password forms
        • Unsubscribe forms
        • Career application forms
  • Review the “Additional Considerations” and “Forms to Pay Extra Attention To” sections of the Adding Marketo Measure Script resource listed below to check for any scenarios that might need special handling

Best Practice for Maintenance best-practice-for-maintenance

While the setup of the Marketo Measure JavaScript is covered during initial implementation, changes to your site or the team that manages it can result in disruptions in Marketo Measure tracking. We recommend that you confirm the Marketo Measure JavaScript is deployed correctly and comprehensively once a year. In addition, if your organization has any type of change protocol documentation for the website, ensure that there is a portion explaining that Marketo Measure JavaScript should be retained/added to all new pages.

Other reasons to that might trigger a review your JavaScript setup include…

  • Turnover in your marketing team
  • Changes and updates to your site structure
  • Site migrations
  • Changes to your domain
  • Acquistion’s of other companies and their web properties