Opportunity Velocity Dashboard opportunity-velocity-dashboard

The Velocity Dashboard offers a dynamic view into the pace at which prospects move through the sales funnel, providing Marketers and Sales teams with essential insights into conversion times across various channels. This tool is invaluable for answering key questions about the opportunity lifecycle and efficiency of progression through sales stages, enabling you to optimize your engagement strategies for accelerated growth and conversions.

Questions this dashboard answers:

  • On average, how long does it take to convert a lead?
  • On average, for each stage, how long does a lead or contact take to progress to the next stage? How does this period change over time?

Dashboard Components dashboard-components

KPI Tile kpi-tile

  • Closed Deal Velocity: The average number of days for “Closed Won” Opportunities from the first stage to close.

Opportunity Velocity by Stage opportunity-velocity-by-stage

The bar chart displays the average duration, in days, of opportunities spent in each sales stage during a specific timeframe.

Questions the chart answers:

  • At which stage do opportunities spend the most time on average during the specified timeframe?
  • How does the average duration of opportunities in the ‘Opportunity Creation’ stage compare to the ‘Prospect’ and ‘Opportunity Qualifications’ stages?
Stages before ‘Opportunity Creation’ will use the most recent touchpoint date as the ‘transition in’ date.

Opportunity Velocity Over Time opportunity-velocity-over-time

The time series line chart displays the average time, in days, opportunities spend at each sales stage across the specified timeframe.

  • use the drill-down and up functionalities to categorize the data by Month, Quarter, or Year.
  • Hover over a line to reveal detailed information.

Questions the chart answers:

  • What are the trends in the time spent at each stage for opportunities throughout the observed months?
  • In which month did opportunities experience the fastest progression through the sales stages?

Opportunity Velocity by Channel opportunity-velocity-by-channel

The bar chart displays the average duration, in days, that leads/contacts remain in each funnel stage, segmented by Channel.

  • Hover over a line to reveal detailed information.

Questions the chart answers:

  • Which channel shows the quickest progression through the funnel stages?
  • How does the opportunity velocity in the ‘Prospect’ stage vary across different channels?

Filter Pane filter-pane

This dashboard is equipped with the following settings and filters:

  • Date
    • Based on: Transition In Date
  • Stage
  • Channel
  • Subchannel
  • Campaign
  • Segment