Overview overview

Today, the Marketo Measure application only supports a single currency (assumed to be USD), whereas we know and are aware that we have customers around the world who need to report on their own corporate and user currencies. This feature enables users to switch between the same currencies used in their CRM when viewing reported spend or sales revenue in Marketo Measure.

Availability availability

Tier 2 and higher.

Requirements requirements

Marketo Measure will automatically pull the currency setting from the customer’s CRM. Manual configuration in Marketo Measure to match the CRM is no longer required. The currency setting can be found in the “General” page under “CRM”.

In Salesforce, the customer must have “Activate Multiple Currencies” enabled. Optionally, the customer can also select “Yes, I want to enable Advanced Currency Management.”

In Dynamics, the customer can set static exchange rates in their Settings for multiple currencies. There is no concept of “advanced currency management” in Dynamics.

Terms terms

Advanced Currency
The customer has Advanced Currency Management and Multiple Currencies enabled, which means they can have different conversion rates for different time periods.
Corporate Currency
These are the various currencies that are listed and declared by an organization in the CRM, all with conversion rates. Marketo Measure will import these values and make these currencies available to users within our product.
Currency Locale
The single currency that is used for an organization, set on the Company Information page.
Local Currency (or User Currency)
The currency set for a single user on the User Profile, so that they can view any amount in their own local currency. The organization will have had to declare and set up the currency before a user can select their local currency.
Single Currency
Used for customers that do not use Multiple Currencies in the CRM, but their organization runs in a different currency, so they have a “Currency Locale.” This is still a single currency for the organization but without any conversion.
Simple Currency
The customer has Multiple Currencies enabled, but they have a static conversion rate per currency.