Testing the Marketo Measure Integration with a Salesforce Sandbox testing-the-marketo-measure-integration-with-a-salesforce-sandbox

You may see instructions specifying “Marketo Measure” in the documentation, but still see “Bizible” in your CRM. We are working to have that updated and the rebranding will be reflected in your CRM soon.

One of the Marketo Measure core functionalities is its ability to track your digital marketing efforts through actions on your website and then pushing that data to your production Salesforce org through Leads and Contacts. However, typically there are not inbound Leads created from your website within a Sandbox integration so the focus on data will be from a purely offline standpoint.

Here are the two sources referenced for both phases of the testing. Steps 1-4 and Steps 5-6. It is recommended to review these documents as they provide more detail in some areas.

  1. You need to create some leads in a CSV so that you can upload them to a Campaign. The way to do this is to export some Leads through a report in your production Salesforce. Otherwise, you can manually create Leads in an Excel file and then save it as a CSV for import. You only need about 20 records. The file must have the following columns:

    1. Email
    2. Company
    3. Last Name
    4. First Name (optional but recommended)
  2. Log in to your Sandbox environment.

  3. Create a test campaign. Use a campaign type such as Event or Newsletter.

  4. Once the campaign is created, upload Leads as Campaign Members by selecting Manage Members > Add Members > Import Files.

  5. After that is complete, back on the Campaign page layout, you will “Enable Buyer Touchpoints” which is a picklist field. Choose the value: Include All Campaign Members.

After this is done, it kicks off a sync between Marketo Measure and Salesforce and applies touchpoints to the Lead records. It’s recommended to check back the next day through a report called: “Buyer Touchpoint on Leads” found in the Buyer Touchpoints Reports folder within the Reports tab. If the report is populating a touchpoint for each Lead, this is a sign of success.