Best Practices for Testing best-practices-for-testing

You should test all the different types of forms you have to ensure the Marketo Measure JavaScript is working properly.

  1. Use an incognito browser or clear your cookies between each form submission test and use a different email address each time.

    note tip
    A best practice is to use a fake email that contains something indicating it’s a test, as well as the time of day. For example:
  2. Start your search at a search engine (e.g.,, or navigate to a form directly.

  3. Submit the form on your website using a unique email address.

  4. Record the URL of the page you are submitting the form on and the email address used.

  5. Locate the record created in your CRM (Lead or Contact) for that form submission and verify that a touchpoint was appropriately created.

You can use a Marketo Measure stock report such as Leads with Marketo Measure Touchpoints or look at the Lead/Contact page layout if you chose to update your page layouts with Marketo Measure details. This could take some time for the data to process.