Touchpoint Generation and Mapping touchpoint-generation-and-mapping

Marketo Measure attribution stories hinge on two processes:

  • Touchpoint generation, which creates touchpoints that represent a person’s interactions with your marketing and sales efforts
  • Touchpoint mapping, which credits touchpoints to the appropriate channel and subchannel

For you to get the most out of Marketo Measure, you should work with your Marketo Measure rep to customize both processes to suit your organization’s needs.

Touchpoint Generation Methods

The touchpoint generation process answers the question, “How is Marketo Measure going to know that this occurred?” Depending on your feature set and the types of interactions your prospective customers can have, there are up to three ways Marketo Measure can pick up on an interaction and create a touchpoint to represent it.

Marketo Measure only generates one Touchpoint per Session. If more than one form has been filled out, only the first form fill is captured.
Type of Interaction
Touchpoint Generation Method
Online, on your sites
Form fill
Marketo Measure JavaScript
Offline; Online not on your sites
Tradeshows; Content syndication partner delivers a list of Leads who engaged with your content
CRM Campaign membership synced to Marketo Measure, either by setting the Campaign Sync Type directly in the campaign or by setting rules on the Campaigns page in Marketo Measure
Sales activity
Outbound call by SDR
CRM Activity (Task or Event) record synced to Marketo Measure, through logic on the Activities page in Marketo Measure

Touchpoint Mapping Methods

The touchpoint mapping process answers the question, “Once this touchpoint’s been created, how is Marketo Measure going to know what channel and subchannel it belongs to?” Each method of touchpoint generation has its own method of touchpoint mapping.

Type of Interaction
Generation Method
Mapping Method
Online, on your sites
Marketo Measure JavaScript
Through the Online Channels page in Marketo Measure, by referencing UTM values, landing page, and referring page information
Offline; Online, not on your sites
CRM Campaign membership sync
Through the Offline Channels page in Marketo Measure, by referencing Campaign Type
Sales activity
CRM Activity sync
Through the Online Channels page in Marketo Measure, by referencing the Campaign Name assigned on the Activities page