Best Practices for Utilizing a Custom Revenue Amount best-practices-for-utilizing-a-custom-revenue-amount

Overview overview

The core functionality of Marketo Measure is the ability to assign revenue credit to marketing touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey. The key to accurate revenue attribution is the ability for Marketo Measure to reference the correct revenue amount on an Opportunity, which in turn, is distributed across the marketing touchpoints via the various attribution models.

Unless otherwise specified during implementation, your Marketo Measure instance will be set to reference the standard Opportunity Amount (SFDC Default) for revenue attribution. However, for many Marketo Measure accounts, this field does not reflect the accurate revenue amount for Opportunities. In these instances, Marketo Measure offers the ability to set up a Custom Revenue Amount for Marketo Measure to reference and distribute across the Attribution Touchpoints (BATs).

Best Practice best-practice

When setting up a Custom Revenue Amount, keep the following best practices in mind to ensure your Marketo Measure attribution data is accurate and consistent!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Select the revenue field that is accurate and utilized for all Opportunities
    • ARR or Total Contract Value us recommended
  • Do not use a formula field
  • If you are using a Custom Revenue Amount for currency conversions, the Marketo Measure Multiple Currencies functionality is the preferred method instead.
    • The Marketo Measure Multiple Currencies functionality references the conversion rates established in Salesforce to best ensure alignment between currency conversions. This allows you to continue utilizing the standard ‘Amount’ (SFDC Default), or any other custom Amount field that relates to the Salesforce conversion rates.
  • If you update the Amount field you’d like Marketo Measure to reference, use Data Loader to update past Opportunities to ensure your revenue data is consistent and the proper field is populate via the workflow

Best Practice for Maintenance best-practice-for-maintenance

Reviewing your revenue amount setup yearly will ensure that your attribution data is accurate and aligned with the rest of your organization’s revenue reporting.

If you are utilizing a Custom Revenue Amount, check your revenue setup as follows.

  • In your Marketo Measure account, go to the ‘Opportunities’ section under CRM
  • Identify the Custom Opportunity Amount Field, here your custom revenue amount API field should be listed
  • Confirm that this is still the correct field
  • Also have your Salesforce Admin confirm that the Custom Revenue Amount workflow in Salesforce is still running

Aside from a yearly review, certain organizational changes may signal the need to review your revenue amount setup…

  • Turnover in your marketing team
  • Changes to the Custom Revenue field
  • Organization changes in how revenue is reported