CRM Campaign Costs crm-campaign-costs

Most Marketo Measure customers use CRM campaigns to track offline marketing activities. Marketers who use these campaigns also monitor costs within the CRM. This feature makes it easier on marketers by allowing Marketo Measure to read those costs and apply them to the reported Marketing Spend within Marketo Measure. To date, customers have had to manually enter costs for each campaign per month, but with the necessary information provided toMarketo Measure, users can automate this process so marketers can spend more time analyzing their spend and ROI.

Availability availability

This feature is available for all Salesforce and Dynamics customers.

How It Works how-it-works

Marketo Measure first looks for Campaigns that have been “enabled” for touchpoints, so there is either a matching Campaign Sync rule that was created, or the Enable Buyer Touchpoints value is “Include All Campaign Members” or “Include ‘Responded’ Campaign Members.” In addition, Marketo Measure must import the correct values and know how to distribute the costs, so we require that the following fields contain a value:

Salesforce: ActualCost, StartDate, EndDate

Microsoft Dynamics: totalactualcost, actualstart, actualend

If any of the 3 fields are missing a value, Marketo Measure will not import the costs. You can correct this by updating the Campaign record in the CRM. Costs are not imported if it is set to $0 because Salesforce treats blank and $0 as the same.

For Marketo Measure to determine the distribution of a campaign across months, the start and end date of the campaign is used to distribute the amount evenly per day.

In this example, a campaign lasts 109 days, so with a total cost of $18,000, the spend per day comes to ~$165.14.

Based on the number of days per month, we get these monthly totals, as you can see in the table:

Jul 2018: ($18,000/109) x 31 = $5,119.27

Aug 2018: ($18,000/109) x 31 = $5,119.27

Sep 2018: ($18,000/109) x 30 = $4,954.13

Oct 2018: ($18,000/109) x 17 = $2,807.34

Historical Reported Spend historical-reported-spend

If you’ve entered spend for Campaigns that have been tracked in the past and were mapped to a CRM Campaign, it does not override any of the costs you’ve entered. If the same campaign in the CRM is modified, it ignores it and gives priority to the changes you had previously made in the CSV upload.

If you would prefer that we take the CRM Campaign cost from now on, change the value in the CSV to $0 which nullifies the entry. The next time the jobs are run to import the costs, previously edited reports are pulled in.

Campaigns with No Touchpoints campaigns-with-no-touchpoints

Many marketers choose to report marketing spend on CRM Campaigns that did not generate any touchpoints, or have no Campaign Members for the purposes for tracking spend. As long as the three fields are populated (start date, end date, cost) and the campaign is enabled for touchpoints, Marketo Measure pulls that cost in, even if no touchpoints associated with it.

This could be helpful for tracking spend on excess Marketing costs or tools to roll that up into your ROI calculations.

Marketo Program Sync marketo-program-sync

If you bring Marketo Programs into the CRM as Campaigns, ensure you have the Start Date, End Date, and Period Cost mapping setup to the required CRM fields. Since there is no mapping to the Enable Buyer Touchpoints field, you still must enable these campaigns so that the costs can be pulled.

Editing the Costs editing-the-costs

Once a Campaign is imported from the CRM, it is treated similarly to an API Ads Provider and will not appear in the CSV to make any cost changes.

Any changes to the cost or distribution must be done in the CRM so that we can point to a single point of truth.

FAQ faq

I’ve made a change to my campaign - when should I expect to see the changes in the Marketing Spend table or in my reporting?

3-4 hours

I have the start date, end date, and cost filled out but why are my costs are still not showing up in Marketo Measure?

Check that you either have the “Enable Buyer Touchpoint” value set to “Include All Campaign Members” or at least “Include ‘Responded’ Campaign Members”, or that you have created a custom Campaign Sync rule that includes this Campaign. If you’ve confirmed this and still do not see the Campaign, reach out to Marketo Support so we can check that your Campaigns are importing properly.

I must change the distribution of my Campaign so that I can weight it heavier in certain months. How do I do that?

The distribution of the costs is purely based on an even distribution from the start date to the end date. Unfortunately, we can’t change it so that your costs have a different weighting aside from the dates set. You can control this by adjusting the start and end date of your campaign since each day in the month matters.

I have costs set up on my Parent Campaign - how do the Children Campaigns get allocated the costs from the Parent Campaign?

Actually, the way that costs will be pulled in will be directly from a single campaign, regardless of any Parent or Child relationship. We advise that the cost go on the Children Campaigns, along with the dates of the campaign, then use the Parent as the umbrella campaign where the Parent Campaign would not get enabled for touchpoints.

How do I change the cost for a month in Marketo Measure?

Because we rely on the CRM as the single source of truth, all changes must be made in the CRM. Once the Campaign has been imported by Marketo Measure, the Campaign values are not editable in Marketo Measure or in the CSV file.

In what scenario would a Campaign appear in the Marketing Spend table, then no longer appear?

We continue to require that all three key fields have a value: Start Date, End Date, and Cost. Our default behavior is that we only import Campaigns with a value greater than $0. Ideally, we would import Campaigns where there is an explicit $0 and not import those that are left blank, but the Salesforce API imports them both as $0 regardless of the value. In addition, if the Enable Buyer Touchpoint value changes from “Include All” or “Include ‘Responded’” to “Exclude All,” we remove the Campaign and the Cost from the Marketing Spend table.

What cost would take priority if a row was already downloaded from the CRM and I entered another row in the CSV with the same campaign Id?

Although you may be able to successfully upload the file, Marketo Measure will not use that row because we already have a campaign Id with the same value that was automatically pulled from the integration.

How would you suggest we bring it costs from our Digital Campaigns that we set up in the CRM?

Because our Marketo Measure javascript is already tracking web activity from your site, we would advise against syncing any campaigns that track Campaign Members from web forms or other site activities since it will double count the touches. Because of that, you may want to continue using the CSV Upload option in Marketing Spend to track those online/digital costs if we aren’t already integrated with that platform (that is, Twitter, Adroll).