Duplicate Records in My Report duplicate-records-in-my-report

You may see instructions specifying “Marketo Measure” in the documentation, but still see “Bizible” in your CRM. We are working to have that updated and the rebranding will be reflected in your CRM soon.

As you dive into the Marketo Measure Reports in Salesforce, you may start to find ‘duplicate’ records in your reports. You will likely experience this feeling when you review Marketo Measure out-of-the-box reports.

When reporting with the Buyer Touchpoints object or the Buyer Attribution Touchpoint object, it’s important to understand that you are no longer reporting on the count of leads, contacts, or opportunities but rather you will be reporting on the number of Buyer Touchpoints or Buyer Attribution Touchpoints associated to those standard objects (leads, contacts, opportunities).

Let’s take the following report as an example:

This is a Contacts with Buyer Touchpoints report. Again, this means that we’re looking at the count of touchpoints associated to an individual contact.

As you can see, it looks like there are three James Williams contacts in the report, and therefore you might be thinking, “duplicates!”

However, this report is showing the number of touchpoints related to James. Within the report, you can see that James has an individual FT (First Touch), an individual LC, Form (Lead Creation Touch), and a PostLC touchpoint (a form submission that takes place after the LC touchpoint).

If you want to understand the ‘count of contacts’ you can then use the fields ‘Count - First Touch’, ‘Count-Lead Creation Touch’ or ‘Count-U-Shaped’ to understand how many contacts have had marketing interactions.