Marketo Measure Object and Field Taxonomy marketo-measure-object-and-field-taxonomy

Below is a flow chart that represents how Marketo Measure Custom Objects relate to Salesforce Standard Objects.

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Definitions of the Marketo Measure fields that live in each object can be found here.

FAQ faq

What is the logic in the arrows?

Each arrow describes the relationship between an object and the other. For example, you see that the Marketo Measure Person populates fields on the standard Salesforce Lead Object. If it’s pointing to it, then it means that it’s populating the receiving end of the arrow.

What is the Marketo Measure Person?

It’s a Custom Marketo Measure Object in Salesforce that links Buyer Touchpoints to Leads and Contacts.

What is the Bizible.JS?

It’s our custom JavaScript that we utilize to track web information that a person has on a specific site.

What is the Marketing ROI Dashboard?

It’s a custom marketing channels dashboard that lives in the Marketo Measure app. It can be accessed by going to your Marketo Measure tab in Salesforce.